Sandro Kuhne

The rise of Swiss club event Sunday Breakfast Zurich has been meteoric in elevating Sandro and the sound that he represents. Landmarked as being one of the very best parties in the underground electronic scene, it is notorious for its line ups and for its pure sounding 20k sound rig, exclusively made for the event. There aren’t too many comparisons going around to match a SBZ event, and this is really down to the hard working and forward thinking ethos brought about by the team involved with Sandro, who are the masterminds behind the SBZ concept.
As a producer, Sandro’s sound is a culmination of grooves and atmospheres taken from House, Techno and Minimal music. A fusion of solid analog gear and digital software, his music can be found and heard on labels such as Circle Music, Vekton Black and Monoclap, and as well on his own imprint Sunday Breakfast Records, which is naturally connected to his event. The label acts as the platform from which the SBZ residents can continue to develop and bring further examples of that SBZ sound to the rest of the world, paving the way forward as innovators of the underground groove.

Zurich based artist Sandro Kuhne has become a stalwart figure on the European stage in both the House and Techno scenes. After having firmly established his own mark as a versatile DJ and an accomplished Producer, it should come as no surprise after having being exposed to the sounds emanating out of Detroit and Chicago at a really young age. Within a short margin of time he soon found himself at only 14 years of age, taking the helm and making his debut before a crowd of 1800 people.

Move over to the present and you will find Sandro busy balancing a heavy schedule of time spent in the studio making music and time on the road as a touring DJ. Gig requests see him frequently play across Switzerland and ask well over in Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Russia, as well as in the USA. Be it for a club, open air or festival, Sandro Kuhne has built a solid reputation and accomplished many things as an artist, yet he is not one to typically rest on these alone, knowing that there is always more to achieve and still greater heights to climb.


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